The Holmes County Republican Party will appreciate any donation you make!  Please make checks payable to "Holmes County Republican Party," and mail to:


Holmes County Republican Party

P. O. Box 471

Millersburg, Ohio 44654


or contact us by email to arrange a donation.

Online payment options coming soon!


What do we do with the money?

We use donations for

1) general Party operation, such as postage for mailings, printing stationery and envelopes;


2) Support of candidates for local, state, and Federal offices, such as renting and supplying a campaign headquarters during the fall general election season in even numbered years (when we elect a president or a governor), and purchasing extra yard signs and bumper stickers for state and Federal candidates; and


3) Voter education and Party-building, such as renting a booth at the county fair, having an entry or float in local parades and festivals, and purchasing newspaper, radio, or billboard advertising. (This is a list of the major expenses and not an inclusive list of every expenditure.)


Donors are recognized at the Lincoln Day Dinner and at the Fall Hog Roast each year.

No local Party officers or activists are paid for their services.  Party officers and volunteers may be reimbursed for some travel or out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. (The Party Chairman has attended the past four Republican National Conventions, but has paid all the expenses from personal funds.) The Party's financial records are audited each year by staff from the Auditor of State. There have never been any negative findings in our audits.


We price the tickets to our two major public events -- the Lincoln Day Dinner in February, and the Hog Roast in October -- just to cover the costs of that event, such as food, rental of the banquet hall, decorations, and meals and gifts for speakers and special guests. We do not try to make a profit on these two events, nor do we subsidize them from Party funds.


The current Party treasurer is Central Committeeman Matthew Schneider.